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Financial Planning Career: The World of Money


Money, as the old saying goes, makes the world go around. But the flow of money must be carefully controlled. There must be checks and balances, not only at personal and individual levels, but at national and international levels. Otherwise the result can be financial disaster. On the personal level this can mean extreme debt or even bankruptcy. At a higher level it can lead to something like the massive stock market crash of 1929 that plunged the whole world into the Great Depression. That is why a financial planning career can be very important.

A financial planning career involves much more than sitting down with a calculator to add up income and expenses. If you are interested in a financial planning career, you could be considering working in any one of a number of institutions, including a bank, a credit union, an investment company, a stock exchange, or even the government. A financial planning career requires not only a head for figures, but also – and more importantly – an understanding of the world of finances. College or university training is absolutely vital to a financial planning career, and some of the higher positions require considerable experience as well as specialized training. Many people interested in a financial planning career find it beneficial to also study law. There are, indeed, lawyers whose entire area of expertise lies in the world of finances. Many young people entering a financial planning career find the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), to be an excellent training ground. The SEC oversees the operations of the securities industry and enforces the laws passed by Congress to protect the investing public.

Automation and bank mergers have cut the job market for bank officers (formerly called tellers), but in other areas of the world of finances opportunities for employment are expanding. More and more customers bank online, so positions in computer and information technology have been growing. As banks compete for customers, they look for employees with good sales and marketing skills. As American banks become global, they look for U.S. – educated Latin and Asian Americans who can take on financial careers in overseas locations. The same is true of investment and securities firms that are opening branches in foreign countries. Also, with the aging of the “baby-boomer” generation, millions of Americans are in need of retirement planning and investment advice, and are turning to institutions that offer consulting services for financial planning. A career in this area would be very promising. Information on education for this field can be found through such organizations as the American Bankers Association, the Bank Administration Institute, the Center for Futures Education, the Financial Women International, and the National Association of Credit Management.

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