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All There is to Know about Human Resources Payroll


Human resources payroll is one of the most important tasks of the human resources department. Payroll is not only for the human resources department, but for the whole staff of the organization. Depending on the size of the organization determines how extensive the payroll processes will be. The payroll does not only include the checks or pay stubs being handed out, but many other different elements. For instance, there needs to be benefits, worker’s compensation, taxes, insurance, and pension deductions. It can be a very complicated process and therefore does involve some specific training.

There is several different programs and software that offer payroll training and information. Human resources payroll is often a task of the entry level human resources positions. This will depend somewhat on the different organizations and how they operate. Often in the education of the staff they will have learned some accounting and payroll processes. Depending on the size of the organization there could be a specified human resources employee that only deals with payroll. The person responsible for the human resources payroll must be capable of dealing not only with numbers, but with people as well. The payroll employee must be capable of dealing with employees who are upset about missed hours or improper payment. Having the payroll staff in the same organization makes it easier for staff to get their concerns handled as well as having a direct contact to go to when there are problems instead of having to track someone down outside the organization. They have to be capable of handling the upset employee in a professional manner yet sensitively enough to help calm the employee. The human resources payroll employee also needs to be able to spot troubles in the payroll checks. There are often specified numbers of hours recorded on time sheets or time cards and those numbers should match up with the numbers on the checks.

The human resources payroll can become more complicated depending on the numbers of deductions taken off, how hours are recorded, and whether an outside accounting firm is handling issuing and payment of checks. It is the responsibility of the payroll employee to ensure that all information is correct and updated before sending it off to the accountant. The mistakes made on paychecks then will most often be traced back to the human resources payroll staff. It is essential for the payroll staff to be efficient but at the same time be very thorough when going over staff information and recording it for the accountant.

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