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´╗┐The Basics of Being a Human Resources Representative


The human resources representative is typically a management position in the department of human resources. Although their job description does change depending on the organization, but usually the job requires the person to be in charge of the recruitment of staff into the company, training of new staff, and many other similar and involved tasks. The other related job tasks are implementing policies, performance evaluation, and employee relations.

The human resources representative has very close contact with new staff and the hiring of new staff. Therefore it is essential for the representative to give the best impression of the business. It is also very important because of their involvement training and policy implementation that the representative has extensive knowledge of the overall production and purpose of the business. The productivity of the company depends on how well the staff performs and therefore may rely somewhat on the training of staff. Therefore, the representative is somewhat responsible for the level of staff productivity. The human resources representative also is involved in staff performance evaluation and subsequently becomes responsible for the performance level of the staff.

The human resources representative involvement with the recruitment of staff to the agency involves some very close contact with advertising staff as well. Whether the advertising is coming from a outside agency or there is a department within the same organization, the representative must be involved with that process. It is essential for the representative to be involved in the advertising process so that the purpose and depiction of the company is done appropriately in the ad campaign. The human resources representative must ensure that the right impression of the company is being portrayed.

It is essential for the human resources representative should have well developed oral and written communication skills. They are often going to be communicating with the executives while implementing or directing policy. They will also be in close contact with employees both new and long term. The new staff will need to be directed and trained in a friendly and professional manner to give the best impression of the work place possible. They will need to appropriately be able to take the concerns of the staff to the executives without losing the purpose of those concerns. They will also need to be capable of taking those concerns and display them in such a manner that they are not immediately thrown away by the executives. It is essential for the human resources representative to always communicate in a professional and appropriate manner. This includes knowing how to communicate with different people in appropriate manners depending on the purpose of that conversation.

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