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´╗┐Career Development Needs Go Beyond Doodles


One persons career development needs differs from another. A nurse's path leads them in one direction while a racecar driver follows another. Even in the same profession one person may take a completely different route than another while winding up near the same goals.

The one thing all occupations take into account when assessing their career development needs is what they already know. Students showing great aptitude for artistic skills may wish to continue by finding a career that incorporates one, or more of their talents.

For example, a person who doodles, draws, and has experience with graphic programs may wish to go into graphic design and logo making for large companies and small businesses. He should sit down and list his career development needs with separate lists for small and long term goals. How much does he already know about graphic design? Has he worked for a client in the past either free or for pay? What programming skills does he have? How far is his artistic range and is he able to keep up with client demands? Is he only interested in creating logos, or will his graphic design skills go further into webpage design, animation and magazine design? These are some of the questions he should ask.

His next step when thinking about career development needs is to decide his readiness to go into the graphic design field. Can he start right away, or does he need more schooling first? Does he plan to attend classes for continuing education even after he starts his career? If he worked for clients in the past, was he professional or does he need to learn more about the professional field?

Part of assessing career development needs is realizing when further education is required for career advancement. It is not always necessary, but it is a great way to keep up with present markets if the individual and company want to advance in today's moneymaking society.

The serious professional should learn to write good resumes where is listed his skills that will compliment the job he applies. A company doesn't want to know that a person applying for a secretarial job can keep his house in "tiptop shape". What they want to know is if the person is good at organization and keeping notes.

Career development needs don't disappear once the person starts his or her career. There is always room for improvement for the individual and for the company. A person's career development needs can change slowly over time, or drastically when they decide to try a different career. It's all up to the individual and what he or she is able to handle.

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