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´╗┐Career Development Planning Gives New Careers a Head Start


Career development planning for the individual is focused on present skills, future training and personal growth. Today more and more individuals take it upon his or herself to get the education needed and the work done in order to succeed in a chosen profession.

The more employees' work on career development planning the better prepared they will be to enter the workplace, or continue higher up the ladder. Career development planning works in various stages. Some people deliberately work towards each stage, while others skip around to only those that are needed at the present and near future.

Short term career development planning forces the person to think realistically about what he or she can accomplish within a three to five year timeframe. Schooling, location, costs and skills all come into play during this phase.

Long term career development planning stages keeps the individual motivated. It is an ongoing process of assessing present day skills and a desire to expand and use them in advancement.

Career development planning counselors can help individuals break out of repeated behavior or the guilty feeling that comes with changing the career path. In order to succeed the person is required to ignore the inner and outside voices that try to (intentionally or unintentionally) block their progress. Family pressures are one of the biggest barriers, such as a family member who expected the person to join the family business, or believing the person's career choice is beneath them. Lack of motivation and procrastination are other barriers. A person may put off dropping a job they dislike for one they will feel fulfilled by because the security of having a current job and the uncertainty involved in starting a new career. This is especially true when the full time worker is supporting children.

Some people feel paralyzed when they wish to take their career into a new direction. Fear of failure, of taking their family down the wrong path and losing everything can force the most talented among us to change their mind. A career development planning counselor can help an individual through short term and long term planning stages while helping remove some of the worries and pressures that come with a career change.

Career development sites and conferences provide interested individuals with information that covers what types of classes and courses they offer, available instructors, and class and environment requirements. Articles on career development planning stages and worksheets are available online for free through various institutions. Worksheets include checklists and goals for specific careers, or general questions for anyone to use.

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