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´╗┐Families Prefer Career Development and Learning Centers


The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) are among some of the most well known career development and learning centers in the United States and elsewhere. Both are nonprofit associations with emphasis on creating career and social opportunities for both men and women of any age and race. They provide child care for working families as well as training and employment openings for adults. Part of their agenda is to promote spiritual, emotional and physical growth through activities of the mind and body.

Both career development and learning centers provide exercise programs for the young to the aging. This includes the use of a large pool with some times public use and private use hours. Some work is done on paid services while others volunteer. Each aid becomes a mentor to children and adults in need of their services. Caring, respect, honesty and responsibility are taught to their members and staff.

Like the YMCA and YWCA, other career development and learning centers offer free and low fee classes to the public. These classes cover skills needed in professional careers like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), or recreation and fitness, like water aerobics, kickboxing, exercise programs, volleyball and basketball.

Career development and learning directors insist on programs for people with learning disabilities. They require all program instructors to have a caring and nurturing attitude towards all individuals.

Many universities, institutions and colleges include studies on career development and learning with some online courses offered to the students. A few also include noncredit classes, traditional or vocational, for the public. Unlike credit college courses, the noncredit courses generally run for a day to a few weeks with a small fee. Generally, public centers offer more classes for the family to use together than universities and colleges.

With the United States ever growing population and need for family and job planning, career development and learning centers continue to be created to mentor, inform and educate. There are, of course, centers made specifically to work with children, some for adults working to find a job and to better themselves, but many are open as a way for families to learn together and be together in the ever changing world.

To find a career development and learning center in your area search a local phone book or directory, or go online and type in your hometown and area. Call or visit to learn how to join. Ask how to become a mentor if you have a desire to teach, have a caring attitude and work well with others.


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