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´╗┐Follow the success of a Lou Saban Coaching Career


Coaches have been around doing what they do best for years. Whether it's sports, career and life or some miscellaneous type of activity, it's the coach that makes it all happen. Anyone the follows sports, especially football, know the history of the Lou Saban coaching career. Most athletes that become coaches do it because of their love of the game. Some are athletes that for one reason or another can no longer play the game, perhaps due to injury or often some other reason. The Lou Saban coaching career began in the 1950s when Lou was head coach at Case Institute, a University in Cleveland, Ohio, assistant coach at Northwestern University, and in 1955 named head coach at Northwestern.

Lou had his own style of coaching, and it was that style that made him the famous successful coach he was. In 1957, Lou moved to Western Illinois University, where his team had a 9-0 record under his excellent leadership skills as head coach. He made a name for himself there until he decided to go to professional football. The next move in the Lou Saban coaching career was when Lou went to become the coach for the Boston Patriots (now known as New England Patriots).

Lou stayed with the Patriots for two years and then moved onto the Buffalo Bills. Given the nickname, "Trader Lou, Saban had a style of coaching that won him love, loyalty and respect from his players. He had a tough drill for the players and made them want to work the best they could for the four years he was with them. Lou set out to make them a good offensive team and a better defensive team. His knowledge and persistence paid off. Thanks to the greatness of the Lou Saban coaching career, the Buffalo Bills went to the AFL championships in both 1964 and 1965. This was an accomplishment no other coach was ever able to do with the Buffalo Bills.

The Lou Saban coaching career did not end there with his success. When Lou left Buffalo, he became head coach at the University of Maryland and then, went on to work with the Denver Broncos (1967-1969) as their coach for several years, where he was named as Coach of the Year. Lou Saban is also a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame. He eventually found his way back to the Buffalo Bills from 1972 to 1976. In addition to all the over accomplishments in the Lou Saban coaching career, Saban always was credited with making O.J. Simpson the football legend he is.

His work as head coach of the University of Miami is said to be what helped Jim Kelly to become an excellent quarterback. There are many football legends that all were part of the Lou Saban coaching career. In spite of being beyond retirement age years ago, Lou Saban continues to give his football expertise, knowledge and coaching skills to whatever team he can as he continues to coach.

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