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´╗┐Career Prospects For Advancement For SENCOs Are Positive


The career prospects for advancement for SENCOs, also known as Special Educational Needs Coordinators, are very positive and relatively easy to access with a bit of research and browsing the internet. Since the position is both general in scope but also specific in application it is important to match the career prospects for advancement for SENCOs with professional development opportunities that can provide advanced training and education leading to greater opportunities for advancement into the area or promotions once in the Special Education Department.

Career prospects for advancement for SENCOs are most typically found in early childhood development and early childhood education fields. Most SENCOs have classroom or early childhood development experience and teaching licenses or certification as well as additional training in special needs, developmental disabilities, speech and language or other related fields. In addition they have experience in working with both professionals as well as parents in developing plans and strategies to most successful support special education children as early as possible in their school careers.

Since the duties of the professional in this role are to assist teachers and early childhood professionals in determining, evaluating, assessing and planning interventions for children identified with special educational needs the career prospects for advancement for SENCOs are largely based on becoming more effective at these roles. Trainings or courses that offer intervention plans, identification and evaluation programs, writing of individual education plans (IEP's) or other evaluation criteria are essential. In addition the SENCO should be experienced at basic management and supervision in education setting, financial management and budget development, developing trainings and professional presentations, as well as working as a liaison between various organizations and agencies providing services within the school system.

In some school districts and areas the career prospects for advancement for SENCOs may be available for non-teaching staff that has specific training in child development, counseling, mental health or other related field. SENCO's with a multidisciplinary background may have greater opportunities for advancement, especially if their background involves management or project supervision. SENCO's wishing to promote to higher positions should also carefully consider taking some courses on technology and the use of technology both in management as well as in data collection, analysis and evaluation of the special education plan for the school, program and individual student.

Experience, additional training related to special education, communication and management are seen to be the key career prospects for advancement for SENCOs. Getting involved in committees, focus groups and research teams in the school district is also important. Many of the basic and higher level management classes can be taken through a variety of online university and college programs, which allows current professionals to work full-time while still preparing for career advancement.


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